Get to the bottom
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L Y Z E - Decentralized Investment Data Analysis Platform

Who we are & Vision

LYZE provides unique actionable business and financial insights by creating an ecosystem, where machine learning experts and domain analysts collaborate systematically to generate financial platform-caliber analytic reports of the markets.


: Unbalanced Market

Hard to access

Every data analysis must take place within the company, which requires lots of time and manpower.

Major financial institutions maintain exclusive access to centralized investment platforms and create more wealth by utilizing information from the platforms.

Too Expensive

Difficult to access any proper investment information platform due to high costs.

Analyses must be provided to customers at a high price due to high costs in their productions. Only B2B sales is possible due to its high unit cost, which becomes unaffordable and hard-to-access for retail users.


Investment information in public is vulnerable to be scammed.

Easily obtainable information on the internet is outdated, which has either lost its value or is essentially low in value. False or manipulated information for fraud becomes popular in the form of rumors, deceiving retail investors who lack in ability to verify such information.

Opportunities in Cryptocurrency market

Blockchain is the next big thing!

- A huge amount of capital 
is flowing into blockchain.
- 1,960+ cryptocurrency listed.
- 3,000+ new ICOs in 2018.
- The total market cap is at around $203 billion. (Sep, 2018)

All the blocks on blockchain stay afloat and unknown.

- No dominant players yet.
- Not as easy as saying to analyze inside blocks.
- Massive amount of blocks is active.
- Blocks are still being created.


LYZE will approach statistical and analytical truths with A.I. & data mining techniques and provides more objective information.

LYZE Platform

LYZE platform gets more analytic power
 from users collaboration and peer-evaluation in our ecosystem.

  • On our platform, data scientists will utilize AI techniques to analyze the quantitative data of different blocks.
  • With the quantitative analysis results, data scientists will collaborate with domain experts to produce more context enhanced results.
  • Every step of the analysis process occurs on the LYZE blockchain platform.
  • When consumers purchase the results of the analysis, both the data scientists and domain experts can be incentivized and rewarded in the most transparent manner.


Road Map (2018. 10)

2018 2Q

- Co-founder building
- Established Company

2018 4Q

- LYZE Data Center build
- Data upload (ETH, EOS, BTC 
on-chain data)
- MVP release
- Private Sales Start

2019 1Q

- LYZE Service alpha ver. release
(Web Community included)
- Data upload (NEWS, Exchange Data)
- 3~5 analyzed VIEWs release

2019 2Q

- Data upload (TOP 10 Coin on-chain data)
- 10~15 analyzed VIEWs release
- Community building

2019 3Q

- Development of Smart Contract
- Data upload (TOP 20 Coin on-chain data)
- LYZE Board beta ver. release
- Implementation of token economy

2019 4Q

- Data upload : TOP 30 Coin on-chain data
- 25~30 analyzed VIEWs release
- System integrate LYZE Service into 
Token Economy system

2020 1Q

- LYZE Forum 2.0
Launch on blockchain


Introduce Our Team and Advisors

17+ years - Data mining research experiences
19+ years - Development & system architecture experiences

LYZE team understands the technology for conducting data analysis and building a large-scale processing system. We are also a team capable of developing and patenting such analytics technology. Using our experience, our core team leads the LYZE project which is a decentralized investment information analysis platform.

Core Team

Jaehoon Choi,

CEO, Co-founder

- Chief Technology Officer, Konolabs, Inc.
- Ph.D. in Computer Science with specialization in Data Mining, Korea University
- Chief Executive Officer, Opinion8 Co. Ltd.
- Research Intern, Microsoft Corp.

Machine Learning | Opinion Mining | Search Engine

Hyeokjun Kwon

CTO, Co-founder

- Chief Executive Office, NHN Blackpick Corp.
- Chief of Development, NHN Entertainment Corp.
- Senior Project Lead, NHN Corp.
- Comms/Community Development Lead, Daum Communications Corp.
- BS in Computer Engineering, Kwangwoon University

System Engineering |

Jongho Kim

CSO, Co-founder

- Inventor, Pium Labs, Inc.
- Strategy Lead, Foundation X, Inc.
- Intellectual Property Lead, Futureplay, Inc.
- Patent Engineer/Inventor, LG Electronics, Inc.
- MS in Electrical Engineering, GIST

Business∙ICO Strategy |
Community Building

Donghee Choi,
Ph.D. Candidate

Research Lead,

- Back-End Developer/ Data Scientist, Konolabs, Inc.
- Chief Information Officer, Opinion 8 Co. Ltd.
- Ph.D. Candidate in Computer Engineering, Korea University

Machine Learning | Opinion Mining | Search Engine

Liz Minkyung

Investment Lead

- Head of Financial Service Committee, European Chamber of Commerce in Korea
- Senior Vice President, MERITZ Asset Management Co., Ltd.
- BSc in International Hospitality & Tourism Management, University of Surrey, UK

Investor Relations |

Minju Lee

Design Lead

- UX Consultant, e-motion, Inc.
- UX Design Researcher, Convergence Institute of Art and Science
- MA in Media Design, Ewha Womans University

Product Design | Service Strategy |
Data Visualization

Robert Kim


- Operations, Konolabs, Inc.

Organization Security | Performance

Daniel Jung

Financial Analyst

- Vice President - FXLM Local Market Treasury Trader, Citibank in Singapore
- Bachelor's degree in Finance, NYU Stern School of Business

Market Strategy | Financial Insights

Minji Jeon, Ph.D.

Senior Researcher,
Data Scientist

- Ph.D. in Computer Science, Korea University

Machine Learning | Text Mining

Jungwon Shin

Community Manager

- The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures of Tsinghua University

Community Management |

Jinho Choi

Data Scientist

- BS in Mathematics and Computer Science, Ajou University

Machine Learning | Text Mining


Hwang, Ph.D.

- Co-founder & CEO, Foundation X, Inc.
- Co-founder & Partner, Futureplay, Inc.
- Co-founder & CPO, Fluenty, Inc. (Acquired by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd)
- Ph.D. in Human-Computer Interaction, GSCT of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Blockchain & A.I. tech Startups

Junghee Ryu

- Co-founder & Partner, Foundation X, Inc.
- Co-founder & CEO, Futureplay, Inc.
- Founder & CEO, Olaworks, Inc. (Acquired by Intel Corp.)
- Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

A.I. tech Startups & Investment


- Co-founder & Partner, Foundation X, Inc.
- Partner, Futureplay, Inc.
- Business Development & Operations, Finomial, Corp.
- Business Development & Financial Advisory, Deloitte Vietnam Co., Ltd.
- Financial Audit, Deloitte LLP USA
- BBA in Accounting and Info. Systems, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Investment & Finance

Jake Choi

- Product Services Specialist, IHS Markit Asia Pte., Ltd.
- Undergraduate Advanced Diploma in IT Systems Analysis and Design, University of Oxford

Token sales strategy


- Co-founder & CEO, ICONo1, Inc.
- Partner, SEED Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
- CEO, IRUDA Company

ICO strategy & Co-research of token valuation modeling

Jaewoo Kang

- Professor in Computer Science, Korea University
- Ph.D. in Computer Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison
- Founder & CTO, WISEngine, Inc.

Data Mining & A.I.

Dongwoo Kim

- Researcher, Australian National University
- Ph.D. in Computer Science, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
- Research Intern, Microsoft Corp.

Machine Learning & Computational Social Science

Sukjin Han

- Assistant Professor in Economics, University of Texas at Austin
- Ph.D. in Economics, Yale University

Econometric Theory & Applied Econometrics

Jaegul Choo

- Assistant Professor in Computer Science and Engineering, Korea University
- Research Scientist, Georgia Institute of Technology
- Ph.D. in Computational Science and Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Data Visualization

Thomas Shin

- Investment Analyst, Meritz Asset Management
- Institutional Equity Salesperson (Asia ex-Japan Equities), Maybank Group
- B.A. in Economics, The Johns Hopkins University

Capital Markets & Investment

Qu Ming

- Quest Capital Founder & CEO
- Hash Capital Partner of Korea
- Huobi Korea Super Partner
- Chung-Ang University MBA of International Business

Investor Relations

Sehoon Ham

- Managing Director and Head of Asia Pacific, Alternative Asset Management Company, HK

- Vice President, The Blackstone Group, HK
- Director, UBS Investment Bank, HK

- Associate, Merrill Lynch, Korea/NY

- MBA, Columbia Business School, NY

- MBA, London Business School, UK

Private Equity, Alternative Investment & Investor Relations




LYZE on Media


12, Nov, 2018

PureBit, 2.6 billion investment 'contest' controversy ... Investments password coin purse flow tracking!

Based on the results of a further analysis of data analysis startup LYZE from 10th to 12th, BLOCKINPRESS has identified the PureBit wallet address.

17, Oct, 2018

LYZE, Kim Hoon-young signed an advisory contract with ICONO.1 representative .. 'ICO block chain evaluation model is applied to data analysis'

LYZE received an opportunity to reflect on the various views of ICO investors in the evaluation model of ICO companies that are currently developing, as well as receiving strategy consulting from ICO general counsel from CEO Kim Hoon Young.

15, Oct, 2018

'Block Chain Panel Leader Election' The EOS BP vote eventually broke out

Choi Jae-hoon, head of LYZE data analysis, said, "When we analyzed the EOS survey data from June 19 to July 18, the turnover of the top 500 accounts was halved. Thirteen wallets with the name Bitfinex There was an account." He said "You can see that you are shooting a similar BP when you see the voting pattern."

28, Aug, 2018

"We want to be Bloomberg in the era of blockchain", LYZE providing cryptographic investment data

There is a start-up with an ambitious plan to decentralize Bloomberg to provide financial information. Financial information provided by Bloomberg handsets, which have to be paid over 20 million won per year, is very barriers to entry for the general public. How good it would be to give it back to the data providers. LYZE is a data analysis startup with this goal.

27, Aug, 2018

EOS BP election dominated by whales ... Finding solutions Bustling ecosystems

... LYZE analyzed the voting behavior of the top - ranked wallets participating in the voting and grouped the places with the same pattern. ...

18, Aug, 2018

Xtock, Signed MOU with LYZE, an investment analysis platform based on blockchain

Based on data analysis technology based on LYZE's block chain, Xtock aims to create a new stock-owning stock ecosystem aimed at accurate valuation of stocks, production and sharing of real-time information, and trading of transparent stocks.

19, Aug, 2018

South Korea, which has turned its eyes to finance, is preparing to pursue it

LYZE is analyzing the information stored in the block chain to create a new type of data analysis platform. The transaction information contained in the block can be seen by anyone but in fact requires a few techniques. This is a calculation that can produce a new kind of big data.